Timber Staircases

Are you looking for timber staircases? At Mainframe Flooring, we specialise in building timber staircases in homes, with a range of options to choose from.

Many of our customers want to match the wood on their stairs with their timber flooring. If this is your goal, we can help. The options we offer for wooden staircases in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, and elsewhere in the North Island include:

  • New or recycled Rimu
  • Tawa
  • American Oak
  • Tasmanian Oak / Victorian Ash
  • Kwila / Merbau
  • Jarrah
  • Matai
  • Brush Box (Northern)

Our expertise includes building both conventional and cantilevered stairs. We’ll manufacture on-site, either building the full staircase or overlaying the staircase already in place. If you are building a new home or are planning to completely change your staircase, we recommend you get your builder to build an MDF staircase first, which we will then overlay. In this situation, we’ll come in close to the end of the build to prevent your new timber staircase from being damaged during construction.

We can work with any design of staircase, and we can even incorporate lighting if required.

Finishes for Wooden Staircases

After you have chosen the type of timber you want for your stairs, you will also need to select a finish. There are four main finish options for the timber staircases that we build in Tauranga and elsewhere:

  • Polyurethane – a hard-wearing finish available in a range of gloss levels, depending on your preference, from matt to shiny gloss. Solvent-based polyurethane is the hardest wearing and requires minimal maintenance, although it does produce a strong odour when initially applied. It will also darken over time. The water-based option won’t darken as much, but it is not as durable.
  • Oil – creates a beautiful natural finish on your stairs. You will need to maintain this finish, although this maintenance can be incorporated into your regular cleaning process. You can also repair scratches when you have an oil finish.
  • Parquet – a unique finish that requires skilled craftsmanship. We offer both mosaic and block parquet finish options here at Mainframe flooring, with a range of patterns available too.
  • Staining – staining is possible, but it is the least preferred option for timber staircases in Tauranga. Stained staircases can start to fade, plus you will need to stain them again if you need to sand them. The better option is to choose a timber you like, rather than changing the appearance of the wood with a stain.