Wood Types

Here are the various species we often use for flooring. We have a showroom with large samples so you can get a good feel for the choices available to you. Visits are by appointment, so contact us to make a time.

Know what the numbers mean

Rimu (new and recycled)


Colour Light to dark brown.
Dimensions 12x85mm, 18x85mm, 18x135mm
Lengths Random
Density 595kg
Janka Test (hardness) 785

Tawa (clean white or coloured)


Colour (clean white) Light to whitish brown.
Colour (coloured) Light to whitish brown with dark brown.
Dimensions 12x85mm, 18x85mm, 18x135mm
Lengths Random
Density 720kg
Janka Test (hardness) 1405

American Oak

American Oak

Colour White to cream to light brown.
Dimensions 18x80mm, 18x125mm, 18x172mm, 18x220mm.
Grade Premium, Rustic and Antique grades available.
Lengths Random
Density 640kg
Janka Test (hardness) 1360

Tasmanian Oak/Victorian Ash

Tasmanian Oak

Colour Pale to light brown to a faint pink.
Dimensions 12x85mm, 12x112mm, 18x85mm, 18x133m
Lengths Random
Density 720kg
Janka Test (hardness) 1350

Kwila (Merbau)


Colour Dark yellow to dark brown with yellow fleck.
Dimensions 12x85mm, 18x85mm, 18x135m
Lengths Random
Density 725-900kg
Janka Test (hardness) 1712



Colour Deep rich reddish brown to lighter reds.
Dimensions 12x85mm, 18x80mm, 18x125m
Lengths Random
Density 820kg
Janka Test (hardness) 1910



Colour Cream, yellow, fawn to a deep brown, straight to wavy grain.
Dimensions 12x83mm, 18x83mm, 18x128m
Lengths Random
Density 610kg
Janka Test (hardness) 600

Brush Box (Northern)

Colour Red/brown to dark red.
Dimensions 19x83mm, 19x133mm
Lengths Random .6-3.3m
Density 850-1200kg
Janka Test (hardness) 2135

Sample images courtesy of our supplier Rosenfeld Kidson.

What The Numbers Mean

The Janka hardness test measures the resistance of wood to denting and wear. It measures the force (in pounds) required to embed an 11.28mm steel ball into wood to half the balls diameter.

Generally density is one of the most reliable indicators of strength. As applied to timber, density is the mass of wood substance and moisture enclosed within a piece expressed in kilograms per cubic meter. It also indicates as stiffness, joint strength, hardness, ease of machining and fire resistance.