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American Oak

On the hills above Bowentown, Russel and Roberta enjoy their solid American Oak floor. It was one year old at the time of photographing with a wax and oil finish.

American Oak

Roberta would never have considered anything that wasn’t solid.

Engineered boards come in short lengths, so you end up with a pattern.“We wouldn’t have the floor any other way,” says Roberta.

Timber Floor BowentownCraftsmanship

At first they were worried they would have to pussy foot around on it. But the soon found, as long as you’re sensible it stands up to everyday life really well. The dog skids around on it, and they come in with sand from the beach.

They say you see buildings in Europe with wooden floors that look great after 200 years, so you know solid wood lasts.

American Oak

They chose the American Oak because they wanted a casual beach look and feel.

“The guys were great,” says Russel. “I’m a builder, so I’m hard to please, but the guys were great.”

Timber Floor Bowentown

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